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Mr Mansour Dawoud 2

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Many people these days are familiar with the word, globalization ,and so many people supports globalization while others considers the negative attributes are so dangerous for our world and communities and human being, in fact scientists around the world have made studies about the effects of globalization in both positive and negative sides and they tried to think of solutions to cover the gaps.

Positive attributes has been considered ,such us global economy, that helped in spreading goods and services around the world ,with cheaper, faster ways , in the past people had to wait too many days or maybe months for their favorite fruit to come from Holland or maybe India ,but today and because of global economy ,they can find what they want just for two steps in the other streets grocery, so global economy have made us
have the variety of food types in much easier ways, and also one of the most positive attributes of globalization is the health care, because of globalization people can travel easily to other countries because borders nearly vanished ,and one of the reasons people wants to travel is healthcare , many people travel to Thailand or India for health care that’s because its much cheaper , if an American man had an accident and he needs a surgery or couple of surgeries ,it will be so expensive for him to do it in America so he will travel to Thailand to have it much cheaper ,and to have a holiday..! Other important positive attributes is technology ,technology have connected people all around the world in less than a minute, while in the past people needed to wait letters for weeks, computers ,messengers ,mobile phones, webcam, have made people more and more connected ,technology saves ,time and money so globalization helped us by global economy to have variety of food and goods and services and by travelling easy to get a cheaper healthcare, and by technology to be connected with people in several ways in a cheaper and faster way these can be considered as a positive attributes.

Global economy ,vanishing borders, and technology unfortunately has many negative attributes, starting with global economy , global economy has created a single global culture, everyone eats the same, wears the same and hears the same music, and in my point view every country have to have their own special culture, because culture and language makes us special than other countries ,so global economy somehow erases our identity, other negative attribute of global economy is the spread of fast food (obesity)that really effected people all around the world.
This is some statistics world health organization made about obesity
Obesity: in statistics

People are getting fatter almost everywhere in the world.
The world health organization predicts there will be 2.3 billion overweight adults in the world by 2015 and more than 700 million of them will be obese.
Figures for 2005 show 1.6 billion adults were overweight and 400 million were obese.

Technology also have its own negative attributes ,in fact technology have created a gap between rich and poor people all around the world , maybe rich people enjoys the technology while other developing countries are unable to participate and this negative is the main reason in the division of the world ,vanishing borders and travelling to other countries for health care also have many negatives , I read that some two British men went to India to have some kind of kidney treatment, but actually they bought a kidney from someone who was kidnapped and had a surgery and been thrown in the street after they took his kidney and I heard that some doctor gave to the patience 400 Rubbia to buy their kidney even if they didn’t agree , then the doctor sale it to other people by 4000 Rubbia ,many people travelled for medical care and died their because of less experiences , local hospitals lose patience ,because of the expensive treatments and medicines.
As a conclusion I think that developing things can cover many gaps ,and open new gaps, so presidents have to study all gaps of opening a border ,experts of technology have to think much more of poor people not only rich people, hospitals and the health ministry have to treat all locals without racialism and who have money and who doesn’t, in my opinion, I think that globalization effects people with money more positively ,but poor people mostly will be at a poverty that nowadays are increasing more and more ,globalization can be both positive and negative in the end it depends first of all in the money you have and in the individual behavior responding globalization attributes.
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